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We are a multidisciplinary team of scientists, managers, entrepreneurs and problem solvers united by a common mission of enabling greater access to affordable pathological solutions globally.

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Full Service

Proprietary hardware, software and

cloud based products and solutions

Full Service

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Skill &  Expertise

Decades of collective experience in research and clinical fields

Skill & Expertise

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Data at Scale

Integrated community of international pathologists and hospitals/clinics

Data At Scale

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Low Cost

Affordable digital pathology solution

co-created with pathologists

Low Cost

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Transforming access

 to digital pathology

At Grey Slide Imaging, we are committed to improving the access to digital pathology. We strive to create reliable, affordable and readily available solutions for pathologists and hospitals/clinics to enhance early diagnosis, disease analysis and drug development.

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Welcome to the GSI platform!

Pathologists use our algorithms for secondary consultation to analyse images, detect and grade cancer in biopsies and help discover important clinical findings. This enables more efficient workflows, as well as reducing error rates.


Remarkable product capabilities centred around pathologists

Our proprietary Whole Slide Imaging technology is being co-created with leading pathologists from North America and Europe. We offer AI driven analysis which empowers pathologists to make quicker and more accurate diagnosis. Our products will significantly improve the quality of patient care while reducing costs for pathologists, hospital administrators, and universities.

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Dr. Kalyan Nadiminti

Asst. Professor (CHS) Hematology/Oncology Faculty
Clinical Science Centre, University of Wisconsin

"There is no doubt that the future of pathology is digital and the Grey Slide team has created commendable solutions to accelerate the adoption of these new technologies globally."

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