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Hardware: Grey Slide Scanner

With it's compact size, the GS1 scanner scans standard pathological slides, then registers, indexes and converts it into a digital slide. The GS1 is one of the most compact, portable and affordable digital pathology instruments available in the market.

Available Features

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Remote control and viewing

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Auto focus feature

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Z-Stacking feature

High performance

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Image Resolution

40x: 0.25microns
20x: 0.45microns
10x: 0.80  microns

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Objective Magnification


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Scan Speed

2.5min per
15 x
15mm of area

Flexible operation

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Slide Format

25mm x 75mm
(Std 1" x 3")

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Remote Controlling

via iPad
or any browswer



via iPAD
or any browser with secure login details

Digital Slide Format

Standard JPEG or Dicom formats 

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