Every day, researchers across the world make breakthrough discoveries in disease diagnosis, drug development and DNA studies which push the human age forward. GSI prides itself on pursuing comprehensive research in microbiology, imaging technology, and cancer detection algorithms that helps us create products and solutions which make a positive impact on the lives of patients. Check out what we are currently working on and join the conversation!


Pathology is an essential step for diagnosis of diseases and development of drugs. Currently, the field of pathology is being revolutionized by artificial intelligence, machine learning and deep learning. We discuss the promises of and challenges in digital pathology in our Podcast series available on SoundCloud.


In this episode, our founders Dr. Amar and

Dr. Deepak answer some basic questions about emerging technologies in computational pathology.


Dr. Kalyan from University of Wisconsin joins us and takes us through some possible approaches of improving pathological outcomes.


How can pathology help us in deconstructing different aspects of the corona virus? Join Dr. Avinash as he shares his insights on why this is a crucial time for pathologists worldwide.

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How has technology digitized some traditional practices in pathology? Join Dr. Avinash for a short webinar on the adoption of digital pathology practices worldwide.



Browse through our list of publications and white papers in the fields of digital, computational and tele-pathology. We continuously strive to expand our knowledge and build on our research which can inturn be useful for researchers and pathologists across the world.

Authored by Dr. Deepak | August, 2020

The Role of Gaussian Distribution in Cascading Effect of Lasers and the Current Pandemic COVID-19

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white papers.webp

Authored by Benjamin Ionescu  | November 21, 2020

Computational Nucleus Detection in H&E Stained Whole Slide Images

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white papers.webp